Call Times

Call times may change somewhat from concert to concert due to varying logistical circumstances. Emails containing updated information will be sent out in the weeks leading up to the next concert.


The concerts will be at the Bailey Performance Center (not the Marietta Performing Arts Center!) at Kennesaw State University, in the Performance Hall.

Ushers and Box Office

As always, we’re looking for parents and friends to help serve as ushers and box office staff for each concert, approximately eight for each performance. Volunteers receive a complimentary ticket to the concert, and they are finished with usher duties in time to attend! Contact us if you're interested.


Parking is unrestricted on weekends; park in any of the lots close to the Bailey Performance Center. Parents may find it useful to drop students off before parking. Note that lobby seating at Bailey is extremely limited. We will try to open the hall in a timely manner, but we can not guarantee a place to sit prior to the opening of the hall. The hall opens 30 minutes prior to the show. We highly recommend allowing extra time to allow for parking before the concerts!

Bailey Staff has recommended the following for parking: 

Primary parking should be in Lots E, J (not listed on map for some reason, but it’s the lot just across from E headed back to road), and Jolly Lodge. Alternate parking should be Lot D, Lot C, and the Central deck. Lot C’s entrance is hard to find. Parking Map


Ladies: Full-length black skirt or black dress slacks with black top with discreet neckline and long sleeves (past the elbow) or black dress (past the knee) with discreet neckline and long sleeves (past the elbow). If sleeves are short, a matching black jacket or black sweater with long sleeves must be worn as well. Black conservative dress shoes with black tights or black hose (no patterns). Jeans and corduroy pants are not acceptable.

Gentlemen: Preferred is tuxedo or black suit (no tails), white shirt with a black bow tie, black dress shoes and black socks. If acquiring a tuxedo or suit proves to be a hardship, dress is all black: black shirt (with collar and long sleeves), black pants, black shoes, black socks.

No perfume, cologne or aftershave.

Coats and Cases

We will have designated locations for these for each group in the Brooker Rehearsal Hall.


Reserve your concert tickets early! Tickets can be purchased online as well as at the box office the day of.

Food and Drink in Bailey Auditorium

KSU’s Bailey Center management has asked that we pass on that NO food or beverages are allowed inside the auditorium. This includes water. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


If you would like to record, you must be in the designated area at the side of the hall.  If you record from outside this area, the ushers will ask you to move.


After the concert, students should take their music off stage with them and turn it in to our librarian backstage. (Our interns will show them which way to go.) Please do not leave without turning in your music to the librarian. Music for Concert Cycle #2 will be exchanged for your music from Concert Cycle #1. (Note: If you owe tuition, we cannot release music for Concert Cycle #2 until we have tuition paid in full.)


For copyright reasons, GYSO does not make or sell a formal recording of GYSO performances.