Please refer to the GYSO Student Handbook for all details. Below, we have listed the most common topics for quick reference.

Tuition for the season varies by ensemble, which may be paid in one lump sum or three installments: the first is due within 10 days of May audition results notification, the second on August 1st, and the final on October 1st.

 We believe GYSO offers a great value to the young musicians in our community. When divided over the season, the price per instructional hour is approximately $7/hr.

As a nonprofit organization, we also never turn anyone away for financial reasons. If tuition is a hardship, please apply for financial aid. If you need an alternate payment schedule, contact us and terms will be arranged.

There are several ways to pay tuition:

  1. Online- Using Paypal, you can pay here. (Note: Please notate the student’s full name.)
  2. Credit Card- Call the GSO office at 770-429-2390.
  3. Check- Mail or Bring to Rehearsals (Note: Please include student’s full name.)
    Georgia Symphony Orchestra
    1171 Whitlock Avenue
    Marietta, GA 30064

Late Tuition:

Tuition not paid in full by the October deadline will incur a $20 late fee per month. In addition, we may hold music for the next concert cycle until payment is received or a payment plan is in place.

Returned Checks:

Bank fees resulting from a check returned to the GYSO will become the responsibility of the paying party and will be assessed to the student’s account.

Financial Aid:

The GYSO philosophy is that no student be turned away for financial reasons. Financial aid is available for all or part of the GYSO tuition. Financial aid recipients may be asked to provide small services to the organization. If you are interested in aid, please turn in the aid form and the supplementary materials. Financial information is kept strictly confidential.

General auditions for GYSO ensembles are held in the spring. Auditions last approximately 7 minutes and are closed to parents and other listeners.

During the summer, GYSO will hold auditions for  any positions that may still be available, or for waitlisting purposes. Additionally, auditions can be held on a scheduled basis during the season.

For more information on auditions, please visit our auditions page.

Participation in a school music program is required, provided one exists. Exceptions will only be made in specific and extenuating circumstances. To be exempt from school participation, students must submit a School Participation Exemption Form with written permission from your school's music director. A form is not required if you are homeschooled or your school lacks a music program.

Why is this policy in place?

GYSO is a strong supporter of our local school music programs, and we believe that these programs are a true foundation of our musical community. Our ensembles are meant to be a further outlet for musical and artistic growth and aren’t a substitute for participating in a school music program.

The most valuable contribution musicians make to their ensemble is their presence at rehearsal. Membership in the GYSO is a commitment to faithful, consistent and punctual attendance. The success of the organization depends on the contribution each musician makes. Musicians in all ensembles are allowed no more than two absences per concert rotation with the exception of Symphony which allows only one per concert rotation, regardless of reason, including illness, school or other music activities, family vacations, homework and tests, college visits, religious holidays, etc.

If a musician is unable to play his/her instrument (because of injury to either the student or the instrument), s/he should still attend rehearsal, bring music, sit with the section, and take notes. Starting promptly is very important. Musicians should arrive early enough to be seated and ready to play prior to the rehearsal start time. Percussionists in particular need to allot extra time in order to set up equipment prior to rehearsal. 

Arriving late or leaving early disrupts the rehearsal; every three occurrences will be counted as a single absence.  Students arriving fewer than 5 minutes before the start of rehearsal will be marked late.

If there is an extenuating circumstance for an absence, please contact us.

**GYSO Absentee Form** (Fill this out for all absences.)

If you will be absent, please fill out the absentee form to let us know that you will not be at rehearsal. This is the first place we check when a student does not check in for a GYSO function. This helps us remain accountable for all of our students during rehearsal.

The Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra makes every effort to avoid scheduling conflicts with area school calendars, holidays, and GMEA events, but unfortunately we cannot always accommodate all the activities in our busy students’ lives. Our rehearsal schedule for the year is posted on our website.

If an emergency arises and you need to contact us on the day of the rehearsal (or if you have a question about that day’s rehearsal or performance),  email [email protected].  This will allow us to receive your question or notification more quickly.

Sheet music is precious! Some of the music we perform is rented and since replacement charges can range from $15 to $50 per part, you should handle your music carefully and return it on time, generally on the day of the concert.

If there is a problem with the music you have been assigned (damaged, marked with pen or colored pencil, etc), or if a particular piece is missing from your folder, please bring it to our interns attention and they will help you.

Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra musicians are ambassadors for the organization, and the behavior of each musician reflects upon the entire group. Each student will be expected to use good manners, display common courtesy, and show consideration for others. A successful GYSO experience requires a cohesive group in which each individual accepts and follows the same standards of behavior. As a member of the GYSO, you will also be representing the GYSO in your schools. We expect the same code of conduct that is adhered to at the GYSO to be adhered to in all school settings.

GYSO maintains a zero-tolerance policy on bullying or harassment of any kind. Students found bullying or harassing other students are subject to expulsion from GYSO without refund.

Ladies: Full-length black skirt or black dress slacks with black top with discreet neckline and long sleeves (past the elbow) or black dress (past the knee) with discreet neckline and long sleeves (past the elbow). If sleeves are short, a matching black jacket or black sweater with long sleeves must be worn as well. Black conservative dress shoes with black tights or black hose (no patterns). Jeans and corduroy pants are not acceptable.

Gentlemen: Preferred is tuxedo or black suit (no tails), white shirt with a black bow tie, black dress shoes and black socks. If acquiring a tuxedo or suit proves to be a hardship, dress is all black: black shirt (with collar and long sleeves), black pants, black shoes, black socks.

No perfume, cologne or aftershave.

1. Instrument: This includes bow, mouthpiece, working reeds, sticks and mallets, valve oil, extra strings, rock stop – anything that you need to insure that you will be able to play.
2. Music: Do not rely on your stand partner. If you lose or forget your music, we cannot
guarantee a replacement part will be available for that rehearsal.
3. Pencil: Bring one and use it. Nothing is more frustrating for conductors or your fellow
musicians than reiterating the same rehearsal points every week.
4. Accessories: Brass and string players should have mutes; oboists should have tuners.
Everyone should have any equipment needed to fulfill their duties.

Seating procedures are at the discretion of each individual conductor and may change throughout the season. Our seating philosophy is intended to provide fair opportunities, new perspectives, and the greatest learning experience for all players. Seating is generally based on audition, as well as maturity, leadership, and the rehearsal habits of the player. Seating may rotate on a piece-by-piece basis, at the discretion of the ensemble director.

Students that are unable to continue participating in GYSO may only receive a partial tuition refund prior to October 31st. After this date, tuition payments are non-refundable.

If a student withdraws before August 1, a partial refund  of the first tuition payment of 85% will be refunded.

Other questions?

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