In collaboration with the GSO Youth Chorus, we're proud to offer the GYSO Music Theory Program.

Lead by GSO Chorus director, Bryan Black, The musicianship module begins at 5:30 p.m. and will last approximately 40 minutes each week in tandem with choral rehearsals on Tuesdays at the Marietta Performing Arts Center.

Topics will include general theory concepts, notation, sight singing, and ear training developed through group experience and individual assessment in a supportive atmosphere. These essential pre-college skills immediately increase the capacity of both singers and instrumentalists.

The GYSO Music Theory Program is available to members of GYSO's Symphony, Philharmonia, and Jazz ensembles.

Tuition for participation in the program is $150 for the year. Tuition can be paid via our website, or by check at weekly meetings. This fee is waived for students participating in the GSO Youth Chorus.

Click here to register for GYSO's Music Theory Program.